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Face-to-face consultations at our Sydney CBD clinic in the Dymocks Building.


Video consultations for those who prefer not to visit the clinic in person or after hours.

A doctor referral is not required unless you intend to claim Medicare rebates. 

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What We Offer

A shorter term series of therapy with focus on a specific problem or symptom which you need guidance on how to resolve or manage. 

A long-term treatment aimed at gaining insight into chronic emotional and/or physical issues. Focus is on your thought processes and overall well-being rather than the specific problem.

Evaluation of your mental health and behavioural functioning through the use of standardized tests, observations and other methods administered by a clinical psychologist. 

Treatment Specialties


When worry gives every small thing a big shadow.


The worst kind of sad is not knowing why.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

When knowing something makes no sense, but you do it anyway.


Its more than lack of focus.

Mood Disorders

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Eating Disorder

Our minds distort our mirrors.


Born this way.


Greif is the price we pay for love.


The song has ended but the melody lives on.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is going on in that beautiful mind?


There is no perfect parent, so just be a real one.


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